So You Want To Be An Astronaut?


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I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (still don’t!), so I took the LSATs, went to law school and became an attorney. I quickly realized I would have been a great lawyer if it wasn’t for all that darned fine print!



No matter what you do for a living, stress is a part of it.  Supermodel?  Try standing in high heels in an awkward position for hours at a time in the hot sun and glaring spotlights!  Astronaut?  Fugedaboudit!  Do I even have to list the negatives?  OK!  Zero gravity destroys your bone structure and makes it practically impossible to drink your Tang.  Constant vomiting.  The smell of yourself and your collegues. PEEYOO!

We all have our own, unique ways of approaching our jobs.  And we have our own methods for dealing with the inevitable stresses that come with the territory.  Chair yoga? (don’t twist TOO hard!).  Cheez Doodles?  Don’t even need to comment on that!  Point being, combatting stress can be stressful! 

Some of us set daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals.  That can be tricky, for unrealistic goals can create, wait for it- STRESS! 

So, my friends, it boils down to this:  stress is inherent in our work.  We all need to put a little, gentle pressure on ourselves in order to get the job done, starting with getting out of bed in the morning, sometimes (like me) at the ungodly hour of 4:30am!  But putting too much pressure on ourselves will only add to the stress that is already extant. 

Take it easy, folks.  Deep breath.  NAMASTE

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