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I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (still don’t!), so I took the LSATs, went to law school and became an attorney. I quickly realized I would have been a great lawyer if it wasn’t for all that darned fine print!



Measure, report on market risk (credit spread, interest rate and equity risks) and liquidity risk exposures from Fixed Income portfolio (US Corporates, Emerging Markets) and Equity Trading portfolio.  Sensitivity measures (DVO1, CRO1, Greeks), methodologies (VaR, stress-testing, back-testing, liquidity risk indicators) and P&L explained.  Daily interaction with trading desk and HQ.  Prepare daily and periodic risk reports.  Leverage big data.  Incident reporting and Risk Control Self-Assessments.  Monitoring, reporting safety rules, daily consideration limits, and pre-settlement risk exposures.  Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, or Mathematics required.  CFA or FRM preferred.  Minimum 3-5 years Fixed Income or Equities with a focus on Emerging Markets and Asia.  Excel and VBA required; SQL Server preferred.  Series 7 a plus.  Base salary between $120-140k.  Dave Reitman, DLR Associates (914) 693-9165.

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