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David L. Reitman

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up (still don’t!), so I took the LSAT, went to law school and became an attorney. I quickly realized I would have been a great lawyer if it wasn’t for all that darned fine print!

When conducting my own job searches, I met with a lot of recruiters. I started to think they really had the best jobs in the world – finding jobs for OTHER people!

So, enlisting the help of a friend who worked in financial services, I began to teach myself the art and science of an executive search. Various resources helped me to narrow my focus to legal, compliance and audit. In 1998, I founded DLR Associates in NYC. In 2014, after surfing the economic waves for 15 years, my wife and I decided to move to Northern California and “recharge our batteries,” but the recruiting bug kept biting at my ears. Therefore, in 2018, I started “DLR 2.0” and took the business to the next level. DLR Associates now works in all the major US markets, with plans to go global!

Over the years I have placed qualified candidates in major international firms (CohnReznick, CIBC, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Republic Bank, Deutsche Bank, CitiGroup) and smaller “boutique” shops (Laidlaw & Co., Loeb Partners, Utendahl). Many clients have returned, providing me with the opportunity to serve their needs on a continual basis.

I am an expert in my field. Over time, I learned the vast world of financial services compliance – the difference between bank and broker-dealer sides, the numerous types of compliance that exist within both categories, as well as the investment advisor and AML spaces. I understand the sometimes subtle differences that exist even within the individual subdivisions of compliance. For example, I understand that the smaller, boutique broker-dealer has vastly different needs than does the major global investment bank.

My process is simple:  I use a combination of online resources and over 20 years of relationships to search for the ideal candidates, using data provided by the client obtained via my proprietary questionnaire. I ask clients to provide me with enough information to allow me to put my expertise to work. The more details provided, including compensation range (base/bonus), benefits, team size, etc., the better equipped I am to meet their needs. Beyond these standard requirements, I have a set of questions that I use to help flesh out further important details that will help me zero in on the best candidates as quickly as possible. The best results almost always begin with a collaborative approach.

I pride myself on my ethics. Everything I do is done with complete confidentiality (my legal education certainly didn’t hurt!). Just as I would never recruit from a current client, I would never present a candidate’s resume to anyone without their express permission, and that goes for every job opportunity I present to candidates.

What gets me out of bed with enthusiasm every morning is knowing that each day presents its own unique challenges. Every new job order is an opportunity to get to know an entirely new set of clients and candidates. I love that!

When I’m not recruiting, I can be found writing songs, playing guitar, hiking the trails of Sonoma County with my lovely wife, and enjoying my passion for wine, which is easy to do here in Wine Country!

Since 1998, DLR Associates has been a valuable resource to our many clients, and a discrete resource for legal, compliance and audit candidates throughout the United States.

Simply put, I don’t mess around.  I don’t take job orders that I can’t fill.  And I work my you know what off for my clients. I look forward to putting my expert services to work for you.

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